ALMA IMPACT is a leading international impact investing expert and business innovation consultancy working with forward thinking companies, financial leaders and entrepreneurs that seek to positively impact the lives of millions of people while generating financial value.

Our team of acclaimed domain experts helps harness top-notch impact intelligence and digital innovations, build trusted relationships and invest into scalable social impact-leading opportunities.

Deeply rooted in business strategy, impact investment, venture capital and technology innovations, ALMA IMPACT has a track record accelerating returns for global brands and advising with international non-governmental institutions.

Across the globe we’ve been advising financial institutions on impact intelligence, industry leaders and non-governmental institutions on impact strategy and impact measurement as well as the UN on their Global Sustainability Goals (SDGs) framework.

And most importantly, we are digital-natives ourselves who tap into both, digitally savvy younger generations across countries and an international network of senior industry experts and leading innovators.


Nadine Bruder

Nadine Bruder is a business strategy, technology innovation and digital revenue specialist who has been leading startup founders and senior managers of globally operating companies for 11+ years. She is a „woman of first“ – Her first consulting job turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s brand. In 2008 she made MAN be the first brand to publicly claim the future of autonomous driving and smart cities as we know it today. Her first mobile app was awarded with “Best App of the Year 2013” by The Next Web. Nadine also set up Germany’s first developer education startup, addressing the IT talent shortage. She also lead digital payment innovations for Wirecard and designed its innovation incubation platform, is personal coach to internationally operating executives and member of the German Federal AI Association.


Julia Profeta Johansson

Julia Profeta Johansson is an impact investing and venture capital specialist who was listed in 2017 on the Top Women investing in Latin American Tech. She started her career working in investment banking and tech companies. In the past years, she worked for the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus structuring the social business accelerators both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Yunus Social Business) and became a partner at the first Impact Investing Venture Capital in Brazil, Vox Capital. Julia has been a speaker in events and conferences in the U.S.A, Europe and Brazil, and also reaching out to a broader audience through her articles for the BMW Foundation.

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